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The Nomad Lifestyle: How Self-Storage Enables Flexible Living

Published On: 21 November, 2023|10 min read|

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It’s no secret that nomad lifestyles are here to stay for the future. There has been a noticeable surge in this type of lifestyle change over the recent years following the Coronavirus pandemic. Nowadays, an increasing number of people are able to run businesses and climb the corporate ladder by working remotely. So why wouldn’t you want to travel, and see the world while you have the flexibility to work from anywhere? With that being said, living life as a digital nomad may seem like the ideal lifestyle choice, but there are some practical elements that need to be handled first. Most people who choose to become nomads already have a home, car and possessions that will need to be taken care of. This is where logistics and organisational processes come into play! Our team at KeepSafe Storage has put together a guide for how to utilise our Perth self-storage facilities so you can live out your digital nomad fantasies.


The Logistics of Being a Nomad

A nomad is a person of no fixed abode with the freedom to travel wherever with minimal personal possessions. However, unless you’re planning on discarding or donating all of your belongings, this might be difficult to attain. Getting the logistics just right as a nomad is important. This is especially the case if you have valuable and sentimental possessions that you don’t want to give up. 

In this case, the most natural solution would be to find a storage space suited to your personal needs. Whether you’re looking to store a vehicle, furniture, business stock or other possessions, you will require a secure, convenient storage site. Renting out a storage unit and finding affordable Perth self-storage in Australia couldn’t be easier. With so much demand for this service, there are numerous options for you to explore in the local area. As well as being widely available, our storage units at KeepSafe Storage are also extremely cost-effective. This provides you with the financial freedom to live a nomadic lifestyle.

With this in mind, here are the best ways that you can utilise self-storage to aid your nomadic lifestyle!


1. Use Self-Storage for Belongings and Furniture

The first question to cross your mind when living as a nomad is probably, “Where will I keep my stuff?”. This is a very common query, but one that can be easily solved through our various Perth self-storage facilities. If you’re hoping to live this way for an extended period, you will need to find somewhere to house your belongings. This is especially true if you’re a renter rather than a homeowner. It doesn’t make sense to be paying rent on a property that you spend no time in. So why not rent out a storage space for a fraction of the cost? 

There are a number of options when it comes to preserving your belongings. However, self-storage is by far the best choice. Leaving items with friends or family may result in damage or loss over time. Your belongings may be kept in damp areas such as garages, basements or attics that aren’t climate-controlled. Instead of cluttering your loved ones’ homes, you should look into storage units in your local area. At KeepSafe‘s Perth self-storage facilities, you can house your clothing, furniture and other personal possessions. With monthly rental options, you can keep your unit for as long as you need. This provides peace of mind that your things are safe and sound.


2. Use Self Storage for Business-Related Items and Stock

Living a nomad lifestyle sounds like a lot of fun on paper, and it’s certainly got a lot of benefits. Having the freedom to travel, explore the world and not be tied down is incredibly appealing. However, if you’re running a business you may be worried about having a base to hold onto stock. Our Perth self-storage facilities are the perfect option to keep your business items, stock and products safe whilst you’re travelling. Whether you’re on the go for months or years, you can have a safe base to keep your business belongings.


3. Use Self-Storage for Valuables and Personal Possessions

As well as using self-storage to keep clothing and furniture, you may also be wondering about your personal items and keepsakes. If you’re a homeowner renting out your property while you live as a nomad, you may want to remove personal items such as expensive artwork, electronics, fragile possessions and valuables. Protecting these items will be important to you whilst you’re away, so a storage unit makes perfect sense! If you’re storing items such as books and photographs it’s also important to keep these in a climate-controlled environment. Our Perth self-storage facilities offer this feature to keep your possessions safe.


4. Use Self-Storage To Live a Minimalist Lifestyle

When it comes to travelling and living a nomadic lifestyle, you don’t want to lug around a tonne of belongings to each new destination. If you’re going from place to place on a short-term basis you need to travel light otherwise your living space may start to feel a little squashed. 

If you’re hoping to stay in a small place for a month at a time, you may want to consider renting out a storage space close to where you’re staying so that you don’t feel cramped. This is especially important if you’re choosing to travel with lots of equipment or sports gear you may want to use whilst you’re away. Holding all of your belongings in a safe storage unit that is in a convenient location will help you to live as minimally as possible so you don’t feel overwhelmed moving from one place to the next.


5. Use Self-Storage for Vehicles

You may be hoping to move from place to place in a completely different country, so what are you planning on doing with your vehicle? Having a place to keep your car whilst you’re living a nomadic lifestyle is very important. There are a number of self-storage units that can house your car in a convenient location, such as our Perth self-storage facilities, so this is something worth looking into. You may want to search for a self-storage location that is closeby to an airport you’re visiting so that it’s easy for you to pick up and drop off at a convenient time. Depending on the time of year you may want to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of an indoor or outdoor storage unit for your car. Opting for a slightly larger storage unit will also give you scope to store other items you may want to keep safe. Storing your vehicle may or may not be applicable to your needs, but it’s good to know what your options are just in case you require it whilst you travel.

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Why is Self-Storage a Good Idea for Nomads and Travellers?

There are clearly so many reasons why self-storage is a positive thing for nomads and travel enthusiasts. Having a dedicated space to keep possessions can instantly give you peace of mind. When planning your trips you may worry about things going on back home, but you won’t have to worry about having a safe place to keep your belongings, so you can truly focus on having fun and experiencing the things you set out to do on your travels. There is nothing worse than having a worry in the back of your mind, especially when you’re trying to do something liberating that you enjoy. Self-storage units are not only a place to keep your stuff, but they’re also a huge component of enjoying a fulfilling time as a nomad. All in all, self-storage is a must for a person hoping to try out a nomadic lifestyle because they’re secure, easy to access, affordable, versatile and reliable.


Self-Storage Benefits You May Not Realise as Nomad

The benefits of self-storage units may be clear from the outside, but when you delve even deeper it becomes more apparent how vital of a role it plays in your life as a nomad. Some of the following reasons will be discussed in more detail, but here are some of the biggest benefits you will experience if you choose self-storage whilst enjoying flexible living:

  • Maximum security: there is no other place to keep your belongings that will have security cameras all day, every day. Your belongings are probably safer in a storage unit than they would normally be in your home.
  • Cost-effectiveness: when living a flexible lifestyle, you want to keep your costs down as much as possible. Self-storage is extremely affordable and much cheaper than paying rent, bills and utilities on a full-sized home or apartment. 
  • Flexible options: there won’t ever be a one-size-fits-all solution for your self-storage needs. Our facilities offer varying sizes and rental contracts to suit your different needs and preferences when travelling.
  • Easy access: most storage units have options for easy access. This means you can get to your belongings, vehicles and other personal items whenever it suits you
  • Climate control: storing your belongings in a place that is too hot, too cold or exposed to severe climates may cause damage. Self-storage usually provides climate control so that all of your items remain in excellent condition.


Convenient and Flexible Self-Storage Solutions Perth

One of the main reasons for opting into a nomadic lifestyle is to enjoy freedom and flexibility. The same stands for your storage solutions. They must be convenient and flexible so that they fit around your unique needs. Luckily, self-storage typically can be rented out for any length of time and tailored to suit your amount of items.


Highly Secure Self-Storage Options 

As mentioned earlier, self-storage solutions are one of the most secure places to keep your belongings. As well as 24/7 surveillance cameras, our facilities offer secured access and onsite staff members who can readily provide assistance. This will give you the ultimate peace of mind that your possessions are in the safest hands possible. Due to our climate control settings, our self-storage units are fit for purpose when it comes to maintaining the lifespan of delicate possessions. This includes items such as artwork, jewellery and electronics.


Inexpensive Storage Solutions

It’s not expensive to rent out a reputable storage unit. It’s definitely much cheaper than keeping your home up and running whilst living a flexible lifestyle. Instead of having to get rid of all of your personal possessions, you can simply keep them in a safe and cost-effective environment so that you can retrieve them whenever you’re ready.


Better Organisation as a Nomad

Having a self-storage unit will help you stay organised as you’re not overburdened with too excess stuff while you travel. You can carefully organise belongings, sports equipment and other seasonal items that are not needed all year round. As you will likely be staying in a smaller space while living as a nomad, it is important to have a dedicated space to keep your possessions organised.


Finding The Right Storage Unit

Living the nomad lifestyle is an easy decision to make! But how do you decide where to keep your belongings while you enjoy your freedom? Finding a reputable service provider for local storage units is extremely important, so you may want to explore the advantages of popular self-storage providers such as Keep Safe Storage. If you’re looking for affordable Perth self-storage, Keep Safe Storage will meet and exceed all of your expectations. When you store with us, you will receive the best possible service and storage units for your treasured possessions. So take a look at our available options today. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. Finalise your self-storage for a more flexible and liberating lifestyle today!

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