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Top Tips on Relocating to Perth

Published On: 22 December, 2020|2.8 min read|

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Perth has so much going for it. It provides a sunnier, warmer climate than exists in places like Sydney and Melbourne, and that is just one of the factors that have sparked so many in those areas to move to Western Australia’s capital and largest city. Other aspects of Perth that attract movers include its high quality of life, top-notch outdoors activities, amazing beaches and affordable cost of living. Are you in this group of people making the move here? If so, make sure to take advantage of these tips on relocating to Perth.

Plan how you will move your stuff

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Perth is one of the world’s most geographically isolated cities. It is 3,900 kilometres from Sydney, 3,400 kilometres from Melbourne and 2,700 kilometres from Adelaide. If you are not already living in Western Australia, you are going to want to consider how you will transport your stuff thousands of kilometres. Will you make the long drive yourself, or will you fly or take an Indian Pacific train and have a moving company transport your belongings to Perth?

What will you do with your belongings in Perth?

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Finding a permanent home in Perth usually takes some time. This will be especially true during the high season of November to March. As you look for where you want to settle down, you are going to want to take care of all of your belongings that you brought from elsewhere. Since you most likely do not want to clutter your temporary accommodations, consider using Perth Storage to store them until you can retrieve those possessions once you secure that dream home.

Which neighbourhood should you move to?

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As your items remain protected in their safe space at Perth Storage, consider which neighbourhood would be best for you and any family members, friends or flatmates who would be living with you there. Central Perth would put you near the city’s central business district. Fremantle offers an impressive arts scene. City Beach is a prestigious beachside area. Joondalup provides an attractive option that is both separated from the main parts of Perth while connected to them via rail transport.

Consider which features you are most interested in, such as having quick access to the city centre, being immersed in an artistic culture, being able to walk to a beach in moments or having space from the city lifestyle, and have that be a significant factor in your decision. Also, if you are moving here from abroad, consider which neighbourhoods are home to a number of people from your country.

How to rent a home

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If you are looking to rent a Perth home on a long-term basis and move your items from Perth Storage to it, you are going to need to do several things. These generally include having funds for four weeks rent and four weeks bond available, proof of income, information about your previous rental history and references. It is best to secure a letter of reference from your landlord or property manager prior to heading to Perth. A pet reference is also advised, if applicable.

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