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Tips to Help Sell Your Home for more Money!

Published On: 13 June, 2015|2.6 min read|

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Are you selling your home? Decluttering and reducing the amount of your stuff around you home might assist the sale!

Where competition is very among sellers, it’s really important to make your home stand out, the house that’s lean and mean and ready for sale has a major advantage over cluttered up homes. Decluttering the volume of furniture and possessions can make or break your sale these days. People using storage in Mandurah can mean cleaning off the benches and minimize any display of personal items!

Here are our good reasons to consider decluttering.

1. Decluttering give the buyers a clear view of what they are looking to buy. Some buyers can see potential though clutter. Most can’t. Your rooms will look bigger.
2. You show off the assets of the room, including windows, mouldings, fireplaces, built-ins and other features. This encourages the potential buyer to start mentally arranging his furniture in those places. Let them build a picture of their furniture in your home.
3. Freeing up wall space allows the buyer to get up close and personal so they can measure an area to see if their couch fits between windows or doors.
4. Whether you have decorator taste or Crazy Clark $2 shop taste, minimizing the furniture and knickknacks allows the buyer to react to the house, not to your taste. Many can be very critical of others tastes.
5. Your buyer wants to create his own memories in your new home if they buy it. Seeing endless displays of your family pictures and memorabilia is distracting and takes their mind’s eye of the sale of your home. .
6. In the kitchen, buyers want to see the amount of work space, counter space, and storage space the kitchen offers. You need to have a minimal number of appliances and other things on the counter to let the space shine through. Clean the kitchen, they will look in your oven!
7. With fewer of your possessions on display, you will reduce the chance of theft during open houses. Real Estate agents do their best to be good stewards of your home at open house time, but why invite problems?

Some of the decluttering suggestions that may benefit you.

1. When you declutter, you downsize so you have less to move. This makes the process quicker and cheaper. If some of your stuff has been in boxes over the last few moves, it’s time to cut it loose. Storing the goods gives you time to reassess if you need them at all at KeepSafe Storage.
2. If you are downsizing your living space, oversized pieces or an excessive amount of furniture might not fit in the new space anyway.
3. Bringing less to your new home will allow you to start fresh. Its costs less too!

More is less when it comes to presenting your home to prospective buyers. When it is time to sell your house, put Goodwill on speed dial, organize a garage sale, store your excess stuff with us.

Consider a professional company to show off what’s left to good advantage. Your decluttering efforts will pay off in selling your house faster. Thank us at KeepSafe Storage later!

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