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What to look for when choosing a self storage facility

Published On: 29 July, 2022|4.9 min read|

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Advanced Security 

First, you should think about the level of security provided at a Perth storage facility. This is important if you are storing personal items that are precious to you, sensitive documents or expensive pieces of furniture. The good news is that storage facilities can have advanced security systems in place that you can trust. 

Many of the best storage facilities have 24 hour surveillance. This means that you don’t have to worry about your precious items being left unguarded. At the very least, you should check that a facility is monitored using CCTV systems. These systems can be used by a remote team that can respond to a disturbance or alarm without any delays. 

You may also want to check if the staff working at a facility have been vetted correctly. Proper vetting will ensure that you don’t have to worry about nefarious individuals accessing your items. 

Even with the right security setup in place, you should still explore insurance options for your items in self storage. Many self storage facilities will recommend specialist insurance cover. However, this won’t always be priced at the best value. As such, it’s always in your best interest to explore the market. 

The Right Amount Of Space 

Next, you should think about the level of a space that a storage facility will provide. The best storage facility will provide various options for you to choose from, ensuring that you can find the perfect size of room or unit for your needs. This is important as it means that you will be provided with a solution that offers a high level of value. It avoids paying for storage units that are larger and more expensive than you need.

It’s worth noting here that storage units are often priced based on the floor space. However, some units have sloping ceilings. This significantly limits the amount of space available. These units are also unhelpful for people who are keen to store larger items of furniture. You should also check the height of the storage rooms provided. Rooms with less height will again make it more difficult to store larger items. Instead, these are ideally suited for storing smaller items and compact pieces of furniture. 

It can also be best to select two smaller units compared to one larger area to store your items. This will make it easier to find items which will reduce stress if you are completing a home move. 


You might also want to think about whether there are accessibility issues with a storage facility. This can be the case and not all storage locations are designed to be user friendly. For instance, you may find that storage facilities have tight corridors or entrance points which make it more difficult to store larger items like furniture. This is why you may want to visit the location in person before committing to using a self storage solution. 

You should also consider factors such as opening and closing times for a storage facility. There are certain storage Perth facilities that are open on a 24 hour basis. However, these tend to be more expensive. As such, you will need to determine whether the higher cost is worth the increased level of access. Most people will find a storage facility that is only open during business hours a suitable option. However, if you work late nights or early mornings, you may need to consider a storage facility that is accessible at later times during the day. You should always query when you will be able to access a storage facility and if they provide emergency entry options. 

Price-Friendly Rates 

Next, you should consider the rates offered by a self storage facility or company in Perth. Rates for self storage services can differ from company to company. This is why it’s beneficial to gain quotes from a few companies before settling on a final decision. This will provide a baseline price for you to work with. 

While it might be tempting to use the most cost friendly option, this may not deliver the high level of value you need from a service like this. Indeed, the facility could be lacking in terms of both accessibility and security. 

Other factors impact price too. For instance, facilities that are more remote will often provide cheaper rates because they are more difficult to access for the typical individual. 

It’s worth noting that some facilities will provide low rates as a starting point before increasing the cost after several months. This is why you should always check the overall cost of a storage facility service. Particularly, if you know you are going to be storing your items for several months. 

Easy Contact Options 

Finally, you need to think about the contact options and points of communication that a self storage facility provides. Do not fall into the trap of choosing a facility with a team that operates completely behind the scenes. It’s important that you do have someone that you can speak to if anything does go wrong. You might also need to consult with a member of the self storage facility team if your unit is broken into or there is an issue with security. The best facility will provide multiple contact points that you can use if there is an issue or you need to make a query. This should extend beyond an email address and a promise of replies ASAP because these are not always reliable. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key points to consider when you are looking for a self storage Perth facility that meets your requirements. Remember, your first points of call should always be online reviews. These will provide honest accounts from previous customers about what you can expect from a specific service. 

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