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Is Self Storage Expensive?

Published On: 14 July, 2014|1 min read|

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Is Self-Storage Expensive?

Some might consider that Self Storage is expensive: but doing your homework might reveal that storing your goods or car in our storage centres is very cost effective.

personal self storage pricing and expenses

If you are going overseas and you want to store your car, the airport will charge up to  $50 a day – that’s $1520 per month. Whilst there are specialist car storers closer to the airport, they offer mostly open car parking.

Storage spaces in this example offer great value at rates far below car parking at airports and are more secure with PIN coded access.

If you store your goods with friends, it might cost nothing. On the other hand are you good secure? Are they insured?

Well meaning friends might help you out with some free space, but what happens if your stuff is stolen? Then the cost is very high.

KeepSafe Storage specialises in storing your valuables in the smallest spaces possible for the lowest cost and you can stay for as long as you like.

When weighing up if Self Storage is expensive consider all the options – you will soon see why many thousands use Self Storage every day and store with us at KeepSafe Storage.

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