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How to Store Machinery

Published On: 18 May, 2018|2.5 min read|

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Contractors and small business owners in the greater Perth area typically invest a lot of money into their equipment. As such, it makes sense for them to spend a moderate amount of time and energy protecting that investment. Here are a few great tips for storing machinery properly to avoid damage to the merchandise.

Track down a quality storage facility

Using Self Storage in Welshpool to warehouse your gear is a good idea for many reasons. Professional Self Storage is often more secure than home storage and the facilities are superior to most garages. The relatively low cost of Self Storage in Welshpool makes for an attractive proposition.

Lubricate moving metal parts before you store

The greatest threat to stored machinery that sits dormant for months or years at a time is rust. That oxidation can be particularly dangerous if it affects parts like washers, levers and blades. Apply a light layer of oil to metal parts prone to rusting before you place items in storage.

Store manuals and peripherals with the machinery

When you decide to move machinery and tools into storage, it’s easy to forget about the hex keys and manuals that go with them. Storing peripherals and documentation alongside the tools and machines that they correspond with will make life less complicated when you need to use them later.

Get rid of old fluids that can cause problems

Virtually every piece of machinery on the market runs on a variety of lubricants or fuels that don’t age well. Before you store your machinery, drain out the old oil or gas stored within and replace it with a hydrocarbon fluid specifically designed for storage.

Wrap up the hardware with synthetic coverings

Keeping dust and grime away from sensitive motors and hinges should be a prime concern when storing professional-grade equipment. Vinyl or canvas shrouds that completely cover machinery are sound investments that can last decades. In a pinch, you can use a polyethylene food wrap to protect stored machinery.

Actively manage Welshpool storage space humidity levels

Machines that are subjected to extreme swings in humidity boast far higher failure rates than those that are stored in a climate-controlled space. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier as the storage situation warrants to ensure that sensitive machine components don’t dry out and crack or succumb to rust.

Manage threats from insects and rodents

If you’re not careful, a variety of common pests can wreak havoc on your machinery while it’s in storage. For example, rats and mice love to gnaw on delicate electrical wiring. Setting out a variety of rodent and insect traps will ensure that your equipment isn’t damaged by wildlife.

Saving time and money with sound machinery storage

Employing smart machinery storage practices is a prudent move that pays for itself. Finding a trustworthy provider of Self Storage in Welshpool is the first and most important step. Once you’ve solved that part of the equation, storing machinery intelligently doesn’t take a lot of effort.

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