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How to pick the right removalist in Balcatta

Published On: 27 April, 2015|1.9 min read|

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How stressful is moving? It’s one of the few things that we do that can really create a lot of stress and it’s a lot of hard work. Thankfully Removalists can help and they form an integral part of the self storage industry in Balcatta. So he’s our tips to help you find a good one:

  1. Looks are not deceiving. If Removalists have a grubby uniforms, their truck looks like it’s been to hell and back and they don’t look professional, you’re right there not. Chances are you’ll have a problem with them.
  2. Ask about insurance. It’s very important to consider insurance for your valuable goods whilst they are being removed.
  3. Ask for recommendations, look at their website, do they have happy customers and importantly “Google” their name: more often than not you will find if someone else has had a bad experience with them. The flip side is that you might find favourable comments and this will help you decide on the removal is to pick.
  4. Word-of-mouth is very strong and you can ask others for recommendation for removal is that have moved recently. “Friendsperts” are well-meaning but the fact that they used XYZ removalist five years ago is no recommendation.
  5. Removal sts will bring your goods into our Self Storage facility; ask them if this is an issue for them and if they are happy to move you into our self storage facility.
  6. Check with AFRA – the Australian furniture removers Association their members abide by a code of ethics.
  7. Check if the Removal company is a real business, do they actually have a base of operations?, is their logo on their truck?
  8. Make sure you get a quote and if you go ahead a contract for your removal.
  9. Ask questions about how the removal is will handle valuable items like crockery, glass, flatscreen TVs, you do not want these items broken in transit.
  10. Ask about extra services offered like packing and cleaning.

There are a lot of good removal is that are ready to help you with your move and they can make the job very easy, but be aware there are some shonky operators out there and if in doubt contact one of KeepSafe’s Self Storage staff for recommendation.

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