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Self Storage Joondalup Musical Instruments

Published On: 20 March, 2018|1.7 min read|

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Learning to play a musical instrument is a popular hobby, but some instruments can take up a lot of storage space. If you don’t have room for keeping your instrument at home, move it into Self Storage in Joondalup from KeepSafe Storage Balcatta. Follow these tips to make sure your instruments remain in perfect condition while in your storage unit.

Instrument storage tips

  • Drums – Make sure you wax the drum rims and use a moist cloth to remove any dust from the skins. You’ll also need to oil and loosen the leather skins so they don’t crack over time. Wrap the drums in towels or cover them with sheets to protect them from dust.
  • Wood – Before you move your wood instruments into storage in Joondalup, you’ll need to apply a specialised instrument cleaning paste. Any strings will need to be protected with cotton and loosened to prevent snapping, and any reeds, straps, or mouthpieces will need to be detached. If possible, take apart the instrument and thoroughly clean each component before storage.
  • Piano – Cover your piano with a sheet to prevent it from collecting dust. If your piano doesn’t have casters, use a wooden pallet to separate it from the floor of your unit.
  • Brass – Any brass surfaces need to be polished with a cotton cloth. Before moving these instruments into storage, make sure you take them apart and disconnect the mouthpiece. You’ll need to take some time to thoroughly clean your instrument to prevent damage over time.
  • Cases – Store your instruments in their cases rather than out in the open. This will protect them from dust and damage. If parts of the interior of the case have started to deteriorate, you can protect your instrument by placing some acid-free buffered paper over the damaged areas.

Following these tips will help ensure your musical instruments remain in perfect condition while in Joondalup Self Storage. If you have any questions about the units available or the benefits of Self Storage, contact the experts at KeepSafe Storage Balcatta today!

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