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Camping Gear Storage Ideas

Published On: 13 November, 2017|2.2 min read|

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How To Store Camping Gear When Not In Use?

A simple and effective way to store camping gear is to use packing cubes or small packets that fit neatly into your backpack or hand carry. Well-designed bags often have designated spaces for various items, reducing the need for additional containers to organise your gear.

You probably want your camping gear to last in the best condition for as long as possible. Most people don’t go camping more than a couple of times per year, so it’s important you store it properly. If you don’t take the extra time to store your camping gear correctly, you’re more likely to cause damage to it. You’ll also struggle to prepare for your next camping trip if your gear is stored in an unorganised mess. If you’re trying to store your camping gear in an organised way that prevents damage, consider renting Self Storage in Coogee from KeepSafe Storage O’Connor.

Prepare camping gear for Self Storage

Simply dumping all your camping gear into a storage unit isn’t the best idea. You’ll need to spend some time preparing it beforehand. You need to give your camping gear a thorough clean before you move it into Self Storage in Coogee. Make sure you remove any dirt and other organic material, such as leaves or bark. It’s also important you ensure your camping gear is completely dry before moving it into storage, as any remaining moisture can cause mould and mildew. While the cleaning and drying process can be arduous, it can help prevent irreparable damage.

Organise all your camping gear

Now you’ve dedicated a significant period of time to cleaning your camping gear, you’re probably sick of it all and just want to dump it into your storage unit. However, now’s the time you need to start thinking about your next camping trip. Organising your gear now will make preparing for your next trip a whole lot easier. As you start packing things into Self Storage in Coogee, create a master list of all the camping gear you own. Store large items in the back, and smaller items inside clearly labelled boxes. Take note of anything that needs replacing or restocking so you’re not caught unaware next time.

Lock it away until next time

Now you’ve cleaned and organised your camping gear, it’s time to lock it away in Self Storage. Organising your next camping trip will be a whole lot easier, so you can focus on the excitement rather than worrying. If you’re ready to move your camping gear into a storage unit, contact the storage experts at KeepSafe Storage O’Connor today.

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