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How Self Storage Can Help Your E-commerce Business Thrive

Published On: 30 May, 2023|5 min read|

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Getting an ecommerce business off the ground can be tremendously hard. Making it work takes a lot of planning, marketing, and strategy. 

One of the most challenging requirements is having enough space to store your inventory, packaging materials, and shipping supplies. Renting a regular warehouse or office can be expensive and inconvenient. 

Fortunately, self-storage solutions can help.  They offer multiple benefits and don’t have the same risks and downsides as standard options. As a result, an incredible 10 per cent of people living in Australia and New Zealand now use these services. 

Are you considering self-storage for your e-commerce business? If so, this article will help. We explore what it is, the benefits, and how to find the best self-storage facilities for your ecommerce business’s needs. 

What Is Self-Storage?

Self-storage is a service that lets you rent units of various sizes and features for storing your belongings. Most people use it for personal items, like furniture or DVD collections. However, you can use them commercially if you choose the right provider.

Most self-storage facilities offer long opening hours (with some 24 hours), on-site security, and climate control when required. Drive-up options are also available, which help with loading and unloading. 

You can rent self-storage units for as long as you want and most services ask you to pay monthly without signing a contract. Once you’ve finished using them, just give notice and leave. 

What Are The Benefits Of Self-Storage For E-Commerce Businesses?

Benefits of self-storage for e-commerce businesses include:-


Self-storage units are usually cheaper than renting an entire warehouse or office. You only pay for the space you need, letting you scale up or down as your business requires.

When you use self-storage, you also avoid pesky long-term contracts with hidden fees. Most providers do not insist on minimum terms or charge extra for leaving early. There are no three-to-five-year commitments. 


Self-storage units can also save e-commerce businesses time. That’s because they are convenient and make it easy to access inventory whenever required. Most facilities operate locally, offering nearby parking or drive-in facilities for collecting and dropping off items. By contrast, regular warehouses are often out of town along major trunk roads. You might have to commute long distances or deal with parking issues.

Self-storage facilities also offer convenient time-saving amenities to make loading and unloading quicker, such as:

  • Dollies
  • Elevators
  • Loading docks
  • Carts


Conventional commercial warehouses don’t provide these, meaning you’ll have to buy them yourself. 


Self-storage facilities also offer start-up e-commerce businesses space-saving options. 

Small business owners regularly encounter issues when they use their homes as makeshift warehouses. Products take up so much room they don’t have enough space to live. 

Fortunately, self-storage reduces clutter and stress, helping to improve your quality of life and keep your business separate from your personal life. Simply create a storage system for items in your unit using bins, labels, and inventory management software. 

Keep Items Safe

Lastly, self-storage improves inventory security. Quality service providers offer around-the-clock security, CCTV, high perimeter fencing, and advanced locking systems. Alarms, gates, and guards reduce the risk of theft significantly. 

Temperature and humidity-controlled units also keep items in the correct climate to ensure they survive intact and in good condition. Anyone selling furniture, electronics, fabrics, plastic, wax, vinyl, or antiques can benefit because items can remain in storage indefinitely without deteriorating. 

How To Find A Great Self-Storage Unit For E-Commerce

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to choosing self-storage for e-commerce businesses. They save time, space, and hassle. However, finding quality services can be challenging, so here are some tips to help you. 

Do Your Research First

First, you’ll want to research whether self-storage units are set up to meet your business’s needs. Do they offer the features, pricing, and amenities your enterprise requires? 

Remember, some self-storage facilities aren’t set up for business customers. As a result, they may impose limits on what you can store and how often you can visit. They may also lack climate control for keeping products at the right temperature and humidity. 

Choose The Right Size

The next step is to choose the right storage size for your needs. Picking something too small could cause inconvenience and make your operation less efficient. Units are generally more efficient than you think and are capable of storing a significant volume of goods, even for a thriving online store. 

If you’re unsure how much space you require, use online storage calculators. These take into account your business’s niche and the volume of products you process. 

Choose The Right Type Of Unit

Once you have the size nailed down, the next step is to choose the right type of unit. Options include:-

  • Drive up
  • Climate controlled
  • Indoor access
  • WiFi access
  • Electricity sockets

Whether your business requires any of these depends on your operations. If you’re not sure, ask the self-storage provider for guidance. 

Pack And Organise Wisely

Lastly, your business should pack and organise stock wisely. Use sturdy boxes and containers to keep everything neat and tidy to maximise available space. 

Also, leave one side of your unit clear, or add a gangway running down the middle. These arrangements let you access items more easily without rummaging through stuff on the floor or having to lift heavy boxes out of the way. 

When Should You Consider Self-Storage For Your E-Commerce Business?

E-commerce enterprises should consider self-storage when:-

  • The overhead for office or warehouse space is excessive
  • They operate in a seasonal market
  • They want to reduce their overall costs
  • They need more control and flexibility over their inventory

If that sounds like you, then try KeepSafe Storage Perth. We offer high-quality units specifically designed for the needs of e-commerce business owners. Our business storage comes with free WiFi, shelving, forklifts and trollies onsite. You can also choose from more than six facilities located in the Perth area for ultimate convenience. 

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