Securing Valuables In Perth How To Keep Heirlooms And Jewellery Safe

Secure storage for heirlooms and jewellery can be a big concern. Things we cherish we want kept safe, and heirlooms which have been in the family for generations, gaining emotional value as well as financial value often becoming irreplaceable. With the recent spate of robberies and thefts in the Perth area, these concerns are higher than ever in most people’s minds. There are ways to ensure you can secure valuables easily, without installing massive amounts of security equipment in your home. Secure storage can be far simpler than you realise.

Secure Storage Ensuring The Best Security For Valuable And Cherished Items

  1. Securing Valuables In Perth How To Keep Heirlooms And Jewellery Safe
  2. Ways Of Enabling Secure Storage At Home Or Work
  3. Is Developing Home Security Or Office Security For Secure Storage Worth It?
  4. So How Do You Get Cost Effective Secure Storage For Your Valuables?
  5. Countering Increased Crime In Perth Through Reliable Secure Storage Facilities

Ways Of Enabling Secure Storage At Home Or Work


Commonly use of CCTV cameras helps with security. There are lots of places to get CCTV cameras now, with places like COSTCO and Amazon regularly having deals on remote wireless cameras which add layers of security to the locations they are being used. The issue with CCTV cameras is that unless someone is constantly watching them, and can react quickly to events as they happen, they are of little good. For CCTV to be worthwhile realistically a team needs to be involved, and most people securing valuables at home have little desire for that. Equally well, in the office, few people wish to feel they are being watched.

Better Locks

Every year new types of locks come out. Changes in the way tumbler mechanisms work, moves to keyless technology using swipe cards with magnetic strips or RFID chips, even the use of mobile phones with NFC apps. There are various ways that security with locks improves year on year. Though few of us opt for better locks on a regular basis, or can maintain the higher levels of technology which come with increased levels of security.

Better Doors

While locks form a core part of door security, construction materials are also incredibly important. Having the best locks available on a simple plywood door will do little to hold back thieves or burglars. Quality doors, reinforced in the right places, and proofed against various methods of intrusion are needed when you really want to secure the contents of your home or business. Again though, these things come at a cost, and few invest in the way needed. Plus, unless you have people ready to respond if intruders are seen attempting to break in, then the increased protection will count for little, as given enough time and skill doors and locks can be overcome.


While a fire safe can be good to keep things a little safer, both from prying intruders and from fire, most domestic safes and simple office safes can be picked up by one or two people and removed to be penetrated later. More robust measures like floor safes and wall safes require a lot of construction work, potentially planning permission and construction permits, and realistically a level of expense which is difficult to justify for most people when protecting heirlooms or office documents.

Is Developing Home Security Or Office Security For Secure Storage Worth It?

Creating your own secure storage area is realistically very expensive, if you are doing it to the highest extent possible.

While creating your own personal secure storage location will give high security, especially in that naturally few people will know about it or have access to it. The cost of actually setting it up properly is going to put such measures out of reach for most people.

While home security, and office security, are naturally highly desirable, they are things which require significant investment upfront to do properly, then ongoing expenses in terms of maintenance, monitoring and response measures.

As such, creating your own secure storage area for valuables and heirlooms is far from cost effective.

So How Do You Get Cost Effective Secure Storage For Your Valuables?

The reality is, as with all things, that specialist help is the way forward.

We use specialist help for so many things, supermarkets that buy things in bulk, as well as from far and wide, so that we can easily access the groceries and other things we need. We go to schools and universities rather than using private tutors. Airlines rather than getting a private jet to travel overseas.

For secure storage, going to a specialist self storage facility is how you leverage the best in safe storage solutions, at a fraction of the price it would usually require to develop the facilities for yourself.

As with so many things there are economies of scale with storage and secure storage facilities. It is far easier to secure a large area, with multiple self storage units, than it is to secure a single domicile or office. Economies of scale that make it easy to employ the best in security measures, which can be upgraded easily as needed, while their costs are reduced from bulk purchasing, and distributed across multiple users.

Equally well a small dedicated security team can cover a self storage facility 24/7 with the same ease that they would an office or home, though the cost split between potentially hundreds of users within that location.

Secure storage is one of those things that you realistically wish to be worry free too. When you are securing your home, or thriving business, you have zero desire to be getting stressed about managing security on a regular basis. By utilising specialist help, outsourcing or contracting the requirement, you do make life far easier.

Countering Increased Crime In Perth Through Reliable Secure Storage Facilities

Realistically one of the best responses to increasing crimes, especially theft and burglary where criminals are targeting heirlooms, expanded product storage to counter supply chain issues, or other valuables, is to use secure storage facilities from a third party. Where there is 24 hour monitoring, and state of the art measures in place that mean your things are always in safe hands. Whilst having things at home is nice, having them in properly secure storage where you need never worry about their safety is better.