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Storage For Small E-Commerce Businesses

Published On: 16 January, 2021|2.3 min read|

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Many entrepreneurs and small e-commerce business owners need a place to store inventory, equipment or other business-related items. Using a storage facility is a solution that has some surprising and little-known benefits. These are the three main reasons to use Self Storage Perth for a small e-commerce business.


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If you’re thinking about overhead costs, a storage unit is more financially practical than a warehouse or another building. For example, if you were to purchase or lease a small warehouse building, you’d have to pay for electricity and other services. When you use a storage facility, the storage company pays for those instead. You don’t have to worry about an unnecessary amount of different bills to pay each month, and you simply pay the rental fee. While it’s helpful to insure your inventory or business equipment in your storage unit, you don’t have as much of a liability as you would with using your own building.


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Some smaller warehouse owners can’t afford to invest much in security. They may skip cameras or use subpar systems. Since storage facilities have the responsibility of keeping belongings safe, they have more extensive security measures. For example, you’ll often find that they are located in gated areas, and you need a passcode or card to get through the gate. Additionally, individual units are locked securely. Most facilities also have plenty of security cameras, and some companies hire guards as well. For the price that you pay to rent Self Storage Perth, the extra security makes it a good value.


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Many storage facilities have little-known benefits that cater to business owners. For example, some will receive and safely store packages for renters. Many facilities have copiers, fax machines and printers that renters can access. Also, most facilities offer free Wi-Fi to members while they’re on the property. If you regularly receive packages or shipments to supplement your inventory in a storage unit, storage facilities usually have loading docks as well. Most facilities let members use the docks for receiving or sending shipments if they need to use them. The amenities don’t stop at business perks. There are also amenities related to the units themselves. For example, many units have climate control. While there are usually some units without climate control for basic Self Storage Perth, it’s helpful to have that choice if you need it initially or for a later upgrade. With climate control, you can protect items that are sensitive to heat, cold or humidity. There are plenty of other amenities, which you can discover when you inquire about Self Storage Perth.

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