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Self Storage For Second Wardrobes

Published On: 17 January, 2018|2 min read|

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For many people, the closet space available in your home for storing all your clothes isn’t enough. The lack of space might make you feel cramped, as your clothes start to spill out of your closet and create piles in your home. Instead of getting rid of some of your beloved items, consider renting Self Storage in Welshpool from KeepSafe Storage Welshpool. Before you move all your clothes into your new storage unit, there are a few things you need to do in preparation. This will help organise and protect your clothes.

Create a plan

Before you start organising your clothes to go into your second wardrobe in your storage unit, you need to create a plan. Are you going to store your items in boxes, plastic containers, or in port-a-robe style boxes? Are you going to pack clothing items into clothing bags and bring in a separate boutique store-style clothing rack? However you decide to store your clothes, make sure you have your storage method available before you start the packing process.

If possible, you should put a cover over as many of your clothing items as possible before moving into your storage unit. This will help prevent your clothes from gathering dust and protect them from being damaged.

Choose what to store

Now you’ve created a storage plan, you need to determine what clothing items you’re going to store. One of the easiest ways to determine what items to move into storage in Welshpool is by season. You can move your off-season clothes, like your heavy winter coats during summer, or the majority of your denim shorts during winter, into your storage unit.

Another easy way to pick items to move into Welshpool storage is items of clothing for special occasions. For example, your formal wear or your Christmas-themed items.

Declutter your clothes

This process is the perfect time to go through some of your clothes and determine which items you no longer need. Some items may be irreparably damaged, and there may also be items that you know you’re never going to wear. Instead of holding onto these items for no reason, throw away the damaged items and donate the items you no longer want to charity or loved ones.

If you’re ready to start creating your second wardrobe in a storage unit, contact the team at KeepSafe Storage Welshpool today.

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