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KeepSafe Storage O'Connor

Do you live in the Perth or Fremantle area, and you need a Self Storage facility? Then you should consider KeepSafe Storage, as it is the most convenient, affordable and secure storage facility in your area. We have a state of the art facility offering Self Storage O’Connor, and Self Storage in Balcatta. So, if…


Moving house is high on the scale of stressful life decisions, whether its suburb to suburb or to another state, and even more so when relocating to another country. The support of an efficient removalist in Perth can turn this into a positive experience while you can concentrate on the new start, the excitement of…

Is Self Storage a luxury, or a necessity?

KeepSafe Storage

The inherent demand for self storage in Australia is clearly portrayed in IBISWorld’s 2015 report, which shows an annualised 2.3 percent growth rate over the five-year period between 2011 and 2016. Certainly, people are spending more money using this service, making the entire Australian self storage business worth $754.3 million. Why would people pay to…

Self Storage in O’Connor

WHY SELF STORAGE? There are numerous reasons to use self-storage: Reduce clutter: Using a self storage unit is a great way to reduce clutter in your home or office. Self storage units are the perfect solution for being able to clear your home of some extraneous items without needing to be rid of them entirely….

Space when packing

Whether you’re the guru of packing or just a novice packer who is determined to fit 10 pairs of shoes and a comfort pillow for a quick trip on the road. It does not matter where you fall because you could do with some extra room in your bag. For this reason, these 7 suitcase…

How to store paintings

Over time it’s inevitable that we will have to move home and this move means that we may have to store paintings. At Keepsafe Storage we have put together a guide to help you prepare to store your valuable paintings. The first thing to consider is that you must ensure that the paintings stay dry….

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